Billing Service


Revenue Cycle Management

Why Outsource My Billing? 

Medical billing is the lifeblood of your practice. It is also becoming more complex every day. Keeping your profits at the level you expect while maintaining a focus on providing medical care is difficult. Outsourcing your billing medical to us can ease the pressure on your staff and improve financial results. It takes time and expense to do a good job of Revenue Management. Why burden your medical staff and complicate your medical practice? Outsourcing can help you avoid sacrificing revenue and slowing down cash flow due to limited resources.

Why Medisys?

Lowest rate starting at 3.5%

We realize that economic factors and the government are causing you to work longer and harder just to make ends meet. Our mission is to provide the products and services that will relieve some of that pressure.


During our 22 years serving independent providers we have provided support for hundreds of medical practices. When they have billing problems they call us. Our expert staff has extensive experience with multiple specialties, large and small practices and billing services. 



Why Now?

If you have read this far you are already considering outsourcing your billing. Give us a call to discuss how we can help your practice. 

Our Cafeteria Plan of Savings for your practice:

Choose from our menu of services that save you money, increase your income and remove government penalties.

  • Start with our medical billing service

  • add Medisoft for your practice.

  • add Medisoft/eMDs certified EHR

  • add SafeHarbor Cloud Computing