SafeHarbor Hosting

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Safe, Secure and Reasonably Priced

Simplify your practice

We Provide cloud computing for all your processing needs.

What is Cloud Computing?

Simply put cloud computing replaces the server in your office with servers in remote locations that you access over the internet. Your data is protected in a secure data center.


What are the benefits?

The benefits are to reduce the cost and complexity of administering your practice.

1. No server needed in your office. This will reduce purchase and repair costs.

2. No more worry and staff time to run backups. They will be automatically done in off hours.

3. Faster solving of software problems.

4. No more interruptions for monthly software maintenance. It will be done in off hours

5. Upgrade costs and assurance costs can be included in the cloud processing costs.


Who can use this cloud?

We use a private cloud. The MediSys cloud is owned and operated by us. Only the data center staff and our support personnel have access.


I worry that my data may be lost or compromised.

Your data is protected in a secure state of the art data center near our office. We can retrieve it an any time and deliver it to your office.


What if my internet goes down?

If the standard internet in your area is not reliable or fast enough for your needs, a dedicated line can be installed in your office 


What are the costs?

There will be a single low monthly charge which will replace your costly server, battery backup and server maintenance down time.

t will eliminate the time your staff spends on backups and monthly maintenance. You will not need to "dial us in" anymore.

Your overall costs will be reduced.