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What you need to know about PQRS

  • PQRS was originally known as PQRI. Since 2010 providers could bill codes to Medicare to indicate that they had performed quality measures specific to their specialty during patient encounters.

  • Providers that didn't provide qualifying data in 2013 are penalized 1.5% of their Medicare payments in 2015.

  • Providers that didn't provide qualifying data in 2014 can still qualify through a 3rd party website until February 28 at a cost of $299 per provider to avoid the 2% penalty to be assessed in 2016.

  • For 2015 providers can qualify for PQRS automatically by attesting to meaningful use Stage 2 in January of 2016. This will prevent the 2017 penalty.

  • To learn more about PQRS go to the newsletter archive on our website and review the newsletter from Feb 2014.

  • Although it is too late to submit PQRS data for 2013, the deadline for 2014 is February 28, 2015. This will stop the penalty assessment of 2% in 2016. Please call our office if you need help or have questions.

For those of you who are using the Medisoft Clinical EHR and attesting to Stage 2 for 2015, your PQRS attestation will be done through the EHR. You will need to review your clinical quality measures for PQRS in addition to the CQM for EHR that you do now.

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