Secure your Practice 

MediSys Unified Threat Management and Monitoring

Stop Hackers - Control Internet Access - HIPAA Compliant

Data security and unauthorized access have become major business concerns for medical practices.  the loss of confidential data can lead to huge financial losses as well as legal liabilities. 


How Threat Management Solutions Secure your Practice


A single threat management solution simplifies management of security, with just one device taking the place of multiple layers of hardware and software. 

Our threat management solution gives you all-in-one security capabilities including firewall, VPN, anti-virus, anti-spam, intrusion prevention, bandwidth management, and application control as basic features. Out threat management solution holds all the security features at one place and provides centralized security.  

Our threat management solution provides security technology that can handle the increasingly regulatory environment. Regulatory compliances like HIPAA require access controls and auditing. Our threat management solution provides visibility into user activity based on the user identity, meeting the requirements of regulatory compliances.


How our Unified Threat Management Solution Works


We install the UTM processor at your office and configure it to meet your specific needs including multiple locations, your incoming internet line, connections to hospital systems and labs, restricted internet usage by your staff, virus and spam protection, virtual private lines and RDP access.


We then remote monitor your system. The UTM will notify us of any attempted breaches to your office, computer hacking or unauthorized use which normally go unnoticed. Our staff will take appropriate action to stop the unwanted activity and make you aware of the problem. 


  • Includes Unified threat management processor

  • Installed and Custom configured for your practice.

  • Remote monitoring by our staff.  

  • Changes to configuration when you require it. 

  • No expensive hardware to purchase 

  • No charge for set up and configuration



MediSys Monitoring Service 


How do you know if somone is attacking your system attempting to gain entry? Your Threat Management System will recognize an attempted unauthorized entry into your system. Your TMS will notify our office of such an attack. We will take appropriate measures to halt the attack and assign new IP addresses and passwords.  


We provide monitoring service for $20 per month


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